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At SafeBangle, technology is what drives us. We apply technology based ideas to implement personal safety solutions. Our flag product is a wearable device that enables Women and Girls do the needful reporting of physical and/sexual violence against them with just a simple press of a panic button.
It is a
standalone customizable wearable safety device, developed and designed with inspiration from the locally made bracelet. It has the ability to communicate without internet to call for help from trusted loved friends and family.

How it works


We do sensitizations to the public about Gender based violence, especially to Women and Girls (ages 14-49 years) as these are considered the most vulnerable.


We collect data about Gender based violence through our Web system that captures all the data coming from our different wearable devices when pressed by our users. This data can be used by different organizations or individuals to influence policy as it clearly define the different areas where cases of violence take place.


We enable humanitarian organizations that deal with GBV, through our web platform monitor and follow up on their beneficiaries that use our product which enables them determine their quality of life.