Our Story

The idea of SafeBangle originated in 2018, a time when there were many extrajudicial killings and kidnappings of women in Uganda. The cases were often dismissed because of lack of evidence and failure of timely reporting. We wanted to use technology to overcome this and prevent the suffering of women. At that moment 56% of women and girls aged 14-49 years were experiencing violence but only 22% would report. We asked ourselves “why”. By employing the Design Thinking Model, we carried out research in Kampala and Gulu districts of Uganda. We found out that woman often want to report these kinds of violence but they are constrained due to limited trust in the available reporting systems, tools and mechanisms which exposes them to stigma. As a result, they are left with no one to turn to and end up dieing in silence. With support from Makerere University School of Public Health-Resilient Africa Network and UN WOMEN, our team was able to ideate SafeBangle with a strong conviction that it will help such women and girls alert their trusted friends and family who can offer immediate and trusted response. With SafeBangle , cases of violence that would have gone unreported will be brought to light and the would-be victim will be able to get immediate help from trusted relatives and friends. We support and empower women in their efforts to able live a fear-free life.

Our Core Values

  1. Team Work. Our diverse team; We show respect and support personal and professional development across culture, gender, religion and race.
  2. Accountability. Doing the right thing; We deliver on clearly defined objectives through a well coordinated effort, in an effective and efficient manner.
  3. Innovativeness. Transforming a promise into a reality; We strive for creative and continuous improvement, through an innovative attitude, to achieve high performance.
  4. Customer Oriented

Why SafeBangle

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