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Your fashionable bracelet that reports violence in real time

Our Mission We are solving the problem of lack of affordable & immediate reporting mechanisms for violence.

With one-click, SafeBangle supports potential victims of violence access immediate help from trusted relatives and friends. Our mission is to empower women and young adults, support a life free of fear, and bringing to light cases of violence that may have gone unreported.


The challenge

More than 1 in 5 women aged 15-49 (22%) in the world report having experienced sexual violence at some point in time, UDHS, 2016. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) reinforces inequalities between men and women, girls and boys with most of the victims and survivors being women and girls.

Despite global progress in reducing GBV, it is still a major factor of life for many women in Uganda and continues to impact survivor’s immediate sexual, physical, and psychological health. The prevalence of GBV is attributed to numerous factors:

1) Lack of social control mechanisms and poverty 

2) Inefficiency in existing mechanisms meant to provide support and safety to women when they are threatened.

3) No cell reception in certain areas as the telecommunications equipment is too expensive for local communities to afford

4) Existing solutions such as mobile applications are complex and challenging to maneuver in times of distress.

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What we do best

At SafeBangle Technologies, we are dedicated to designing and developing innovative robust and cheap solutions to curb Gender-Based-Violence and physical assaults to make the world a safer place. 

We have developed a wearable safety tool that can be used by the would-be victims of assaults, SGBV, and other forms of injustice to call their trusted relatives and loved ones for help. The wearable safety bracelet is a tool for safety used primarily by women and young adolescents to be their own champions against violence.

SafeBangle bracelet is a direct response to the feedback of different groups of people in need of technology to safeguard their staff, relatives, and friends. When discretely triggered, the bracelet sends an alarm by SMS to a chosen group of individuals with the wearer’s live location to be rescued immediately.

The bracelet is physically small and fashionable with a user-friendly interface for both men and women of all ages. SafeBangle is crafted to be culturally acceptable to achieve discretion and made with state-of-the-art wearable technology for instant alert without using the internet.


How SafeBangle Works

  1. Wear SafeBangle and go out knowing you’re protected by trusted relatives or friends.

  2. When you sense danger, activate SafeBangle by clicking the button on the side.

  3. SafeBangle will send an alert to your trusted contacts, including the police.

  4. Your trusted contact will recieve an alert SMS that you need help with your exact location

With SafeBangle, you are never alone. SafeBangle Evolution

Since inception, SafeBangle has undergone several iterations based off consumer feedback to better understand the needs of the end user, and make sure the product was a viable product.

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The birth of SafeBangle bracelet

Our first included a speaker which was acted as a rape alarm which gave out loud sound to call for help in nearby vicinity and sent location information when activated to the trusted contacts.


Individuals reached

We are honor to reached enagaged over one thousands people on social media, face to face interactions.



Since inception in 2018 to now, we’ve been in working tirelesly to bring SafeBangle bracelet to life.



More than 8 organizations, from academic institutions to humanitarian stakeholders, have a direct and direct relationship with us.


SafeBangles given out

Durign our pilot with voluteers, we gave 19 free of charge SafeBangle bracelets to both women and young adults

Our Partners

SafeBangle Technologies cultivates innovative collaborations and strategic partnerships with organisationsthat share our vision of making a world a safer place for all.

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