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According to the UDHS 2016, more than 1 in 5 women aged 15-49 (22%) report that they have experienced sexual violence at some point in time, compared to less than 1 in 10 (8%) men (UDHS 2016). Gender Based Violence (GBV) reinforces inequalities between men and women, girls and boys and compromises the health, dignity and security of those affected with most of the victims and survivors are women and girls. This has diverse effects on the individual, families, community and the country at large. Despite the progress at reducing it, GBV is still a major factor of life for too many women in Uganda and across the world as it impacts survivor’s immediate sexual, physical, and psychological health as well as increasing the risks of longer-term health problems, discrimination, stigmatization and isolation often leading to loss of self-confidence. This impacts mostly students and workers in low-wage industries that commute during night time hours vulnerable to sexual assault, domestic violence, psychological violence and trafficking.

This is attributed to numerous factors; 1) lack of social control mechanisms and poverty 2) Poor access to resources 3) The readily available mechanism are not effective to call and reach the right people 4) The available tools are expensive for the last mile as they are imported from outside the country. 5) The existing solutions such as mobile applications are complex and challenging to maneuver in times of distress.

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SafeBangle Technologies is a Ugandan-based social enterprise dedicated to designing and developing innovative robust and cheap solutions to curb Gender-Based-Violence and physical assaults to make the world a safer place. SafeBangle Team is developing a wearable safety tool which can be used by the would-be victims of assaults, SGBV and other forms of injustices to be empowered to call their trusted relatives and loved ones for help. The wearable safety tool will be used primarily by youths, students, to be their own champions against violence. SafeBangle bracelet is a direct response to the feedback of different groups of people in need of technology to safeguard their staff, relatives and friends. The bracelet is physically small and fashionable with a user-friendly interface for both men and women of all ages. SafeBangle is crafted to be culturally acceptable to achieve discretion and made with state-of-the-art wearable technology for instant alert without using internet. When discretely triggered, the bracelet sends an alarm by SMS to a chosen group of individuals with the wearer’s live location to be rescued immediately.

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    Novel idea. One of s kind.

    • Owiny Emmanuel
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    it's a good idea, more importantly quick response mechanism and protection against malfunction or hackers or misuse but it's a brilliant idea

    • Akenda Abooki Josh

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Please find the 2020 report here

Please find the 2020 report here

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