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Where fashion meets safety with our innovative bracelet that reports violence cases in real time. Join us in creating a world where every woman and girl can live fearlessly. Our unwavering mission is to create a world where every woman and girl can live without fear by harnessing the power of innovative technology to prevent violence and protect their lives.

Designed with intent

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SafeBangle Technologies is at the forefront of developing innovative safety solutions that enable real-time reporting of gender-based violence and physical assaults, even in the absence of internet connectivity. Our primary focus is Uganda, and we have ambitions to extend our impact across Africa.

Our comprehensive solution comprises two main components: the SafeBangle, a wearable safety bracelet, and an interactive web platform. The SafeBangle bracelet is designed to send immediate alerts to authorities, friends, and trusted guardians, complete with location details, at the press of a button. This functionality is available even without internet connectivity.

The interactive web platform allows users to update their trusted contacts when they move to new locations. It also provides organizations with a dashboard to manage their settings, view alert history, and access resources.

Our Vision

We envision a world filled with hope, tolerance, and social justice, where Gender-Based Violence (GBV) has been eradicated and individuals live in dignity and security. SafeBangle aims to be a global force and the preferred partner within an international movement dedicated to ending GBV. We aspire to be recognized globally for our unwavering commitment to the dignity of individuals. Join us in our mission to create a safer world.

Our Mission

At SafeBangle, we collaborate with non-profit organizations, NGOs, benefactors, researchers, and governments to build a community committed to eradicating Gender-Based Violence (GBV). We’re propelling this mission forward by mobilizing resources, welcoming new allies, financing innovative programs and technology, and establishing a solid foundation of evidence for the field. Join us in our endeavor to create a safer world and empower individuals to live without fear.

Mak Researchers Partner with SafeBangle Technologies to Roll out a Real-Time Domestic Violence Reporting Bracelet

Women make up almost half of the world’s population, however only 65% of them use the internet and even fewer have a smartphone or use digital services, leaving a substantial number of women disconnected from the digital world. SafeBangle Technologies aims to change this by providing innovative, life-saving tools that are accessible and easy to use. Our SafeBangle bracelet ensures women can report incidents of domestic violence and get help immediately. Read more about our efforts and how you can support us.

Our Focus at SafeBangle Technologies

We leverage technology to foster safer communities and promote gender equality. Our interventions are centered around



We ensure coordinated and timely responses to GBV incidents through data-driven insights and active community engagement.



We equip individuals with discreet tools to signal distress and access immediate assistance, enhancing their personal safety.



We empower women and girls to become their own advocates for safety and well-being, fostering a culture of resilience and courage.

Sexual and gender-based violence in conflict is not only a horrendous and life-changing crime, most often perpetrated against women and girls; it is also used as a tactic of war, to terrorize families, dehumanize communities and destabilize societies, so that they struggle to recover for years or even decades after the guns fall silent.”
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

About Our Company and Our People

We prioritize protection, safety, and well-being of individuals particularly women and girls who are most vulnerable to GBV. The project promotes inclusivity and gender equality, striving to empower survivors and enable their participation in decision-making processes.

We align with global commitments and frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies. It contributes to SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), fostering progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Gaps addressed using SafeBangle intervention

The SafeBangle intervention fills critical gaps in existing GBV response mechanisms by providing a discreet and accessible tool which do not use internet and smart phones for reporting incidents of violence. It addresses challenges related to underreporting and lack of immediate support for survivors, particularly in informal settlements where heightened vulnerabilities to GBV are exacerbated.

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Instant reporting

The SafeBangle bracelet allows users to immediately report violence cases in real time, ensuring prompt action.

Location tracking

The bracelet sends live location details to chosen contacts for quick rescue and assistance.

Discreet and fashionable

SafeBangle is designed to be small, fashionable, and culturally acceptable, allowing discreet use.

User-friendly interface

The bracelet is easy to use for both men and women of all ages, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Choose yor safety in style

SafeBangle Bracelet

SafeBangle bracelet is a wearable safety device, designed to empower women to get instant reporting with a discreet design, and a user-friendly interface.

Stylish and trendy Straps

Customize your bracelet with our stylish and fashionable straps. Choose from a variety of colors and designs that suit your personal style and preference.

Consulting Services

We offer tailored solutions and consulting services for NGOs and organizations interested in preventing sexual and gender-based violence.

Discover the powerful insights that our statistics reveal.

We are incredibly proud of our inaugural portfolio and work over the past few years, including:

GBV is a pervasive and alarming problem that disproportionately affects women and girls in crisis situations. It undermines their safety, dignity, and well-being, exacerbating the already dire conditions they face.
SafeBangle serves as a powerful tool for prevention, early warning, and response to GBV incidents. It enables individuals at risk or experiencing violence to discreetly and quickly send distress signals, triggering an immediate and coordinated response from police, relatives, friends and other trusted contacts and guardians and humanitarian actors.
The SafeBangle’s strengths lies in its ability to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and reach of GBV interventions by complementing the existing GBV programming by providing real-time data on incidents, enabling targeted response and resource allocation. This technology-driven approach ensures a more proactive and comprehensive response to GBV, reducing harm, and providing timely support to survivors.

How SafeBangle works.

SafeBangle will help in pretty much any situation that feels uncomfortable when you need backup such as in new places and situations for example, when you’re walking alone at night, a random person hits on you, or a stranger sits next to you on an empty bus… you get the picture.

Why Use SafeBangle

Explore our comprehensive selection of services that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Designed with intent

Every aspect of SafeBangle bracelet and the interactive web platform was designed intentionally. From our lightweight bracelets to our easy-to-use web system. We want you to focus on living life on your own terms. Our best of class technology takes care of the rest.

Rigorously built and tested

Research and development is in our DNA. We test and inspect every SafeBangle bracelet to make sure every component looks and works perfectly.

Made with love

Safety is personal to us, so we carefully designed and assembled each bracelet as if we were going to wear that one. We hope SafeBangle allows you to live your life fearlessly.

Don’t take our word for it

Community Engagement sharing SafeBangle to end Sexual and Gender-based Violence

On March 21, 2023, RAN researchers together with the team working on the SafeBangle under the umbrella of SafeBangle Technologies and Somero Uganda held Focus Group Discussions with the adolescent girls and women of Nakawa (Kinawataka) and Kawempe (Bwaise) to talk about the sensitive and crucial issue of sexual gender-based violence (SGBV).

Devex: SafeBangle Technologies’ Innovative Approach to Addressing Gender-Based Violence

Our groundbreaking work at SafeBangle Technologies has been featured on Devex, a leading platform for global development news. The article highlights our innovative approach to combatting gender-based violence and integrating technology solutions into the fight for a safer world for women and girls.

Spindle: SafeBangle Technologies Recognized as a Top Digital Innovation

SafeBangle Technologies was honored to be selected as one of the top digital innovations by Spindle, an organization dedicated to promoting inclusive and collaborative solutions. This recognition showcases our commitment to using technology to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls.

Digital Human Rights Lab: SafeBangle’s Impact on Human Rights Advocacy

Our collaboration with the Digital Human Rights Lab has been instrumental in advancing human rights advocacy through the use of wearable technology. Together, we are pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities for reporting and addressing gender-based violence.

Hear it from the users

Transforming Safety: Discover the Impact of SafeBangle Bracelet in Uganda. Real & Empowered Stories.
…without innovation, there is no way we can overcome the challenges of our times… we can do things differently, and do different… Now is the time to make innovative thinking the new normal…”
António Guterres, UN Secretary General

Introducing SafeBanglePlus – Coming Soon!

For even greater peace of mind, we’re excited to announce our upcoming feature, SafeBanglePlus. This 24/7 alarm monitoring service provides all the benefits of our free service, but with an added layer of security: all alerts will be handled by our accredited emergency response team.

With SafeBanglePlus, you’re never alone. If you trigger an alarm anywhere, for any reason, our professional responders will be there. They will stay with you during difficult situations, helping you get to a safe place.

Our approach

SafeBangle’s unique approach attacks human trafficking at its core. We deliver survivor-informed, local-led, and scalable solutions that confront the systems that perpetuate abuse, spark human flourishing, and accelerate lasting freedom for all.elve into the data that underscores our achievements and growth.


Create SafeBangle safety tools and styles with the end users across a given style of people


Conduct deep-dive studies into different market system in order to build the evidence base for learning, adaptation, and scaling decisions


Foster collaboration and learning on how to use the safety tool through workshops and stakeholder engagement


Consult with implementing partners and other stakeholders on using SafeBangle to specific challenges or contexts

Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance”,
Kofi Annan, former Secretary General, United Nations.

Designed with intent

Grabbing your phone and calling for help isn’t always an option when you’re in danger, but what if you could send out a distress signal from a discreet device attached to your person? That’s the premise behind the $40 SafeBangle safety bracelet. It looks like any other bracelet, and with a push of a hidden button, it lets you trigger an alert message with your whereabouts to your emergency trusted contacts.
You can choose between bracelets made of custom colorful beads, rubber and, or vegan leather, all of which are priced the same at Shs 150000

Recent Projects Showcase

Explore our latest achievements and innovations in our Recent Projects Showcase, where we highlight our most cutting-edge work.


Since the case has reached the police, everyone will know about it…She will be ashamed and feel bad because everyone will laugh at her and talk about her incident. She will be distressed, depressed and even become mad
Woman – South Sudan

Discover Our Journey So Far

SafeBangle Technologies has a proven track record of successful collaborations. We partnered with Makerere University School of Public Health, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Somero Uganda on a project to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gender-based violence among women and girls in informal settlements in Kampala.

The SafeBangle intervention is a multifaceted project designed to address GBV and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) through the innovative use of technology, specifically the SafeBangle bracelet – a wearable device which serves as a tool for empowerment, protection, and communication, particularly targeted at adolescent girls and women facing heightened risks, with a focus on vulnerable communities.

The SafeBangle intervention involves reaching out to communities and engage with different stakeholders to better understand the GBV challenge in the community and their preferences with a goal of identifying entry points for SafeBangle solution and build a community support and by-in.

Our team conducted surveys and focus group interviews, providing valuable insights into the prevalence of GBV and the responses to it.
We also improved the functionality and usability of the SafeBangle interactive web platform and provided necessary support to GBV survivors. Our commitment to creating a safer world is unwavering, and we continue to strive for excellence in all our endeavors.

Our technology empowers individuals, particularly women and children, to report incidents of violence in real-time. This fosters a safer environment and promotes transparency and accountability.

We value all partnerships

At SafeBangle Technologies, we believe in collaboration and partnership as key drivers of social impact. We are proud to work with a diverse group of partners to advance our mission of preventing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) through innovative wearable technology solutions. Our partners include:

NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations

We partner with NGOs and humanitarian organizations to implement pilot programs and projects that aim to prevent SGBV in communities affected by conflict and displacement.
Our NGO partners provide valuable on-the-ground expertise and help us to better understand the needs of the communities we serve.

Corporate Partners

We work with corporate partners to bring SafeBangle products to market and to reach a wider audience of consumers.
Our corporate partners share our commitment to social impact and are essential in helping us to scale our impact and achieve our goals.

Academic Partners

We collaborate with academic partners to conduct research and development on new wearable technology solutions for SGBV prevention.
Our academic partners bring valuable insights and expertise in fields such as engineering, data science, and gender studies.

Government Partners

We work with government partners to advocate for policies that support the prevention of SGBV and to ensure that our technology solutions are accessible to those who need them most.
Our government partners provide us with a platform to amplify our message and to advocate for change at the highest levels.

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We are always interested hearing from individuals, organizations, and companies passionate about ending violence and using our solution in thier operations.

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